Friday, July 22, 2011

Out in the Big City

Picture 1: As we were walking, Lucy spotted the unmistakeable golden arches and just had to have some french fries and apple juice... Or... Dad just needed to have something to eat that was familiar, even though we never eat it at home. I am not sure which it was...

Picture 2: We continued on the way and spotted a gigantic tower with gold on it and what looked like an angel at the top. Lucy commented that it looked beautiful and that she wanted to climb to the top. I told her Dad was afraid of heights and Mom would have to come back with her sometime and do it.

Picture 3: When we both saw this statue, we looked at each and just shook our heads. We have no idea what this is, but below it was a pool of water and people were throwing each other in the water for some reason. We were not up for that, mostly cause the water smells like rotten eggs.

Picture 4: The first time she has likely ever seen a water fountain. She just stared at it for many minutes and then started laughing. I asked her why she was laughing and she said that the water mist that was hitting her face felt nice....

Picture 5: As we started to make our way back to our apt, Lucy looked up at me and said, "Dad, do you hear that music? It sounds like beat box music." I said that I did but could not see where it was coming from. We rounded a corner and there in front of us was the most unimpressive Break Dancing troop that I have ever seen. Lucy started to clap along to the music but then became bored with the guy who was trying to get money from us for watching. When he asked for money from her Lucy said, "I think you should be paying me for having to watch that attempt at popping and locking."

Picture 6: After seeing the awful attempt at breaking, she tried a few moves of her own... I thought about collecting money, but didn't want people thinking I was pimping my daughter out for her dance moves.

Picture 7: She spotted another fountain that was enchanting and liked the mist in her face again. I told her we can go see the one in downtown Chicago anytime she wants.

Picture 8: We moved along and heard a bunch of chanting and singing and a lot of crazy music being played. We looked across the street and saw some type of protest happening. Lucy once again looked at me and squealed, "Dad, lets go make a memory together by getting tossed in the back of the paddy wagon in a different country." I gave her a stern fatherly look that usually works on Ragen and she just giggled....

Picture 9: I knew that she was her mothers child when we passed by the Zara store and she saw these new pants that she just "Had To Have". I told her that we were on a budget and that she would have to earn her money to spend at the clothing stores. She put her hand on her hip, put out her big lower lip and sulked. I told her that face and lip thing only works for her mother....


  1. Wow...Lucy's English is really great. Maybe she can give Lily some lessons when she gets home. LOL! Happy Last Day in EE, Rob and Lucy!!

  2. Too funny!! Sounds like they are enjoying their time together but are ready for the real fun to begin at home.

  3. Miss Lucy has an excellent sense of humor. You should have bought her those pants--after all, she "just had to have" them :-)

    Love love love the pic of her "dance moves"

  4. Oh!!!!!!!! I soooo needed this today!!! Rob you are getting ready to wake up and head 'em & move 'em out!! Travel mercies to you!!!! I so wish we could come see you in Chicago...