Friday, July 22, 2011

Last Day

Well today was our last day in the big city. Lucy and I started off the day by waking up quite late, well, at least she did. I was up at 630 and she slept till 8am today! Guess all the new stuff is tiring her out.

We had some breakfast and then off to the Dr clinic where we needed her to be checked out to ensure the embassy would process our visa and we could be on our way. I was a bit anxious, although not much. There is another couple here now that is having some real challenges with the medical team and I must say that it did give me a few twirls in my stomach as we approached the clinic and went in to see the Dr.

But all was well with her and the Dr signed off on everything pretty quickly. He did an exam and found her to be generally healthy and fit for travel.

We headed back to the apt and had lunch and played for a bit and then went off to see the embassy again and pick up our visa for her. With Dr work up in hand and passport in my pocket, we went inside and ended up running into about 4 other families that were doing the same thing as us. Nice people and all leaving tomorrow as well. One couple from RR but two others not affiliated with RR. We all one by one made our trip up to the window to see the consular officer and one by one came back approved and just waiting the documents.

So we had that done and moved on back to the apt. We just played for a bit, and then laid down in the bed and just lounged for about an hour. She was tired, very tired, but I didn't want her to go to sleep and then not fall asleep till late tonight. We need to be up at 230am to get ready and then leave by 3am. So I want her down and sleeping for a good 6 hours at least.

Then we had a bit of a walk about this late afternoon and early evening. She looked at me when I was feeding her dinner and she just gave me those eyes like, "Dad, lets go check this city center out." I said, Cool. And away we went for a couple of hours. Just walking and letting her see the sites. I always seem to have to remind myself that all of this is so brand new to her and she is seeing just about everything for the first time. It is quite cool to see and can't wait to share more of it with Dena and Ragen when we get home.

My next post will have a few pictures and captions.

So we are leaving in the morning for a long day ahead. First to Frankfurt, then 4 hour layover and then off straight home to Chicago. Looking forward to seeing my gorgeous wife and my beautiful older little girl. I miss them so much.

So until we are home safe across the Atlantic and having Ovengrinders, I bid you farewell. It has been fun and an adventure that will always hold a special place in my heart. Just as the birth of Ragen did....



  1. Love your family so very much! Praising God for bringing this to completion, just as we knew HE would! Praying traveling mercies!

  2. Travel mercies to you Sader family!!! You make my heart smile, Rob.

  3. Thanks for the updates. I love hearing about beautiful Lucy and her journey to her family. My heart melts that you have had this time to bond with her on your own! God bless your amazing family :)

  4. amazing!!! safe travels buddy!! can't wait to see the family pics ; ) God bless

  5. good luck, safe travels!!!!