Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another Video July 19th

Another video shot today of Lucy....
I think she will really like the parks we have by our house and in the general area!

Still super hot here, but I hear from Dena that it is no different back home. 90+ degrees here today with very little wind to make it more comfortable.

Heard from our facilitators today that looks like things are lining up ok with the passport situation to allow us to have all our paperwork and meetings done so we can leave on Sat. The plan is to leave here around 530am on Sat morning, transfer in Frankfurt Germany to another plane and then be home somewhere around 1pm or so on Sat in Chicago. Not looking too far in advance right now, but that is the plan as of today.

Lucy is doing well and happy as can be. God is really doing great things over here, even though there are also some hard things to see some days. Yesterday I saw my first child with Cerebal Palsy that is here. It was hard to know that he was here and that he was just dumped here by someone. But at the same time, I witnessed the nurses/nannies being really great with him. He was on a blanket with all the other kids and he was laying on his side and they were playing with him, showing him attention and affection. The sad part will be when they transfer him in a few years. He will likely die very soon after that. It truly makes my heart break when I think of the future that some of these kids will have.

But, all we can all do is our best to make an impact, in whatever way that God leads us to do that. For some it is adoption, for others it is compassion missionary work, for others it is teaching little ones in school or sunday school and for still others it is giving of their resources to help others. All of us can help in our own way. And that is the beauty of how God made us to be. All talented or gifted to do different things to help each other and love each other!


  1. praying all the paperwork come together perfectly!!!!!!!!! she is SO sweet!
    tc, Nancy

  2. I pray that all of the paperwork continues to line up and that you can get home soon!