Friday, June 24, 2011


Well, as everyone that has gone before us, our appointment was no different than anyone else. It was very fast and to top it off, we were late! But it wasn't our fault. The woman handling the referral wasn't even going to ask us any questions until I mentioned that the one photo of Lucy, looked like Ragen...then she asked how many children we had. Then there was a second photo and I gasped. I tried not to seem alarmed, but Yulia could tell that I was. She told me the photo was older. But still, I cannot get that image out of my mind and won't be able to until I see her with my own two eyes. She was RAIL THIN. She looked starved. It was heartbreaking. But it is the reality of many children with disabilities that live on this side of the world. Seeing that photo confirmed with all my might that I will never stop advocating for these children...and that if God puts it in our hearts again, we WILL be back again to adopt.

We are back at our apartment and Yulia told us to be ready by 3. We are all hoping and praying that we will be able to pick up the referral this afternoon after 3. If we get it today, we will travel to her region tomorrow and see her TOMORROW! Oh, I am praying non-stop that God will make this happen for us. If we cannot pick it up this afternoon, we will have to wait to see her on Wednesday.

Praying and waiting....

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  1. I"m right now praying that the paperwork will move!!! Please Dear Lord.