Thursday, January 27, 2011


I am constantly amazed by God and His provisions....

As the new year began, my husband also started a new job which we are so grateful for...but with a new job comes new health insurance and we are beginning to find that it's not as good as what we had with his old company. When you have a child like Ragen, money can fly out the door VERY QUICKLY when it comes to medical care. But...I'm thankful that we at least HAVE insurance! Anyway, trying to meet our deductible and other bills are piling up out of no where. We are also having to provide some outside therapy services that will be out of pocket...and if you are a mommy to a child with special needs, we all know that therapy is very expensive, but our children need it and it's not an option to not have it. She gets it through her school, but it's not nearly enough nor do they offer they type of therapy that Ragen needs. All of these financial obstacles are adding up...FAST! On top of it all, our hard drive for my husband's computer crashed a couple weeks ago. That hard drive had our life on it....adoption paperwork, videos of Ragen, photos, and Rob's old business contacts from his last job that he was going to need for his current we were in a panic. Now if you have never had your hard drive crash, let me just tell you that you can buy a PC for the amount of money it costs to repair it. But we had to have it fixed, we had no choice. I know how faithful our Lord has been to us (my last post is a great reminder), but the controlling human side of me still gets anxious and nervous when things like this happen, especially when it seems it happens all at once. We have been praying for God's provisions with regards to all these financial issues, I even asked my Facebook friends to pray too. And wouldn't you know it, God comes through again! First we recently found out that our mortgage was going to go down by $200 per month because our mortgage company was charging us too much for our property tax escrow. THEN just today, Rob was going through our mail. We got a check from Chase (our bank that holds our mortgage) and it was a refund check (we were paying too much for our property tax escrow) for almost the exact (a little over) the amount that we had to spend to fix our hard drive. I was in tears once again at the awesomeness of this GREAT GOD I SERVE! No matter how much I try to serve Him by serving others, he one ups me! He always gives more to me than I give to Him!! ALWAYS! This is just another reminder that we should ALWAYS give, even if you think you don't have it, He will provide, He will give back tenfold....GOD IS SO GOOD!!!!


  1. Wow, that was an awesome post. And I'm crying with you, our hard drive bit the dust too, just last week. We lost everything too, but we did recover it. get this, the first people we spoke to,( directed to by Dell), said it would cost about $2000.00!!! I just cried. My husband took it to a guy down the street, we got everything recovered for $100.00!!!! now that's a God thing! i guess God was working on Hard Drives this month! LOL
    BTW, I won the tutu dress, but please there is no rush!! I think you have my email, if not it's available on my blog, so whenever you have the time get in touch with me.

  2. God is so good!! I am reminded daily of God's provision. We have had several "things" come up since we began this journey to adopt....Wow God has continually provided, I loved your post...It is ssuch a joy to see God work in the live of others in small ways and in big ways....God is amazing!! Praying for you my friend :)

  3. Dear Deanna ~ I have no expectations in writing this. Perhaps nothing will change until we are together in Heaven. But, I want to apologize for any ugly, negative comments I left on your FB profile. I was WRONG. You did NOT start the rumors. I do know that you became a part of that after I made you angry, but that's okay. I forgive you. I hope that You can also forgive me. I am so sorry that I said that I hope you don't get Melanie. That came from an angry place and of course, I would never really mean it.
    I hope that the process to bring your girl home is working out. I have continued to Pray for both Melanie and Ragen. I hope you found some answers in regards to Ragen's "diaper rash".
    Take Care and God Bless You!