Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Well it seems sickness does not want to leave this house...but the person that is sick this time has left the house. Rob may have the flu. He is in agony with the pain in his hips...I hope and pray that soon he will get the hip replacements that he so desperately needs. Another financial obstacle yet to come. He is in Maine today for business and I feel so bad for him to be away from home and not feel well. I know all too well what it's like to feel ill (I seem to get the flu at least 2 x's a year with Ragen) and I would hate to be traveling. He'll be home late tonight so at least it's a quick trip. Say a little prayer for a quick recovery for whatever might be going on with him. Ragen had a very successful dentist appointment yesterday. She was a trooper! Little did we know, her dentist goes to our church and volunteers in our Promiseland...he was actually in Ragen's room on Sunday morning...so he already knew who she was and was excited to see her! He was great with her....patient and gentle. I feel so blessed to have the team of doctors that help take care of Ragen. There are so many, and I am so grateful for them all. To live in an area that has some of the top docs for special needs in the country...what a blessing! We're off this afternoon to see her new orthopedic doctor. She will be getting fitting for new leg braces as the old ones were worthless. Lesson learned, not ALL doctors know what they're doing. These braces unfortunately will go up her leg to her knee. We're not looking forward to her having to wear plastic on her legs during the summer months. But it's a necessary evil I suppose. She needs them desperately to help prevent any possible complications with her bone and muscle development. So we'll see how she does with them. She's such a trooper with all that she goes through...she may cry for a minute or two but a smile immediately follows...always...I wish I could do that!

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