Monday, May 17, 2010

It's a Signing Times kinda day....rainy and dreary...where's summer already? Ragen is still also getting over another sinus infection and ear infection, but seems to be much better this morning. We (well actually just me) are gearing up for Ragen's first dentist appointment at 11:00 this morning. Not looking forward to that whatsoever! She hates having doctors look in her mouth. So we'll see what tricks he has for doing this. He's either got some fabulous tricks or he's missing some fingers as this dentist sees a lot of kiddos with special needs. Tomorrow she gets fitted for AFOs. She used to wear the SMOs but the ortho doc said they were doing nothing for her, so we're hoping the AFOs will do the trick and give her more support and proper posture. Then on Wednesday she has a Special Olympics event at her school for the kids ages 2-7. "Opening Ceremonies" are at 9:00 am and all the parents are invited. Rob and I of course will be there! This is when they start to get the kids prepared for the SO when they are age elligilbe. They will give us parents ideas for physical activities we can do with our kids...we're really looking forward to it! Busy week ahead so far...I'm hoping we can all get healthy and stay that way!!

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