Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ragen is off to school this morning with many smiles as she watches the bus approach our driveway. I'm now left with a little time to post some thoughts and refections that are on my mind this morning.

I was paging through my news feed on Facebook this morning (for those of you not on FB, it's a page that shows the postings of your friends...essentially what's the latest news in their lives) and I feel so blessed to have the friends that I have made because Ragen was born. The countless stories of moms with other children with down syndrome, their struggles, triumphs, losses due to death, their small little milestones that would seem trivial to a family with typical children, I am in awe. These stories are slowly revealing God's plan for me...He knew exactly what he was doing when he blessed me with His precious little girl. He gave me a second chance...and I will be forever grateful.

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