Monday, December 19, 2011

Much Needed Update!


Lucy is doing really really well, but even better than that, Ragen just LOVES her little sister! They are becoming great friends! They especially like to laugh at one another when one is doing something they KNOW they shouldn't, so mom is in trouble! When Lucy came home, July 23rd, she barely spoke, could not crawl and wanted NOTHING to do with Ragen. Now, she talks ALL THE TIME, crawls everywhere even up the stairs and down the stairs, walks with assistance with only one hand, and can't wait to see Ragen in the mornings and when one or the other comes home from school. Lucy is in school now and even takes the bus! She really seems to love it! She had her very first Christmas program at school last and dad were so proud. One day an orphan with no future, if she had a future, to being in school, learning with other children, a sister who loves her and loves to play with her, and a mom and dad who would die for her. It was a rough road at first, mainly because of Ragen's difficulty with adjusting...but now, I don't think any of us could imagine life before Lucy. She is a blessing to us and our little family. Rob and I are now considering and praying about beginning the process to bring another angel into our family. We have so much love to give, the tools and resources to raise another "special child". Our hearts and minds are open and ready. Who would have thought that the blessing of having Ragen would have brought so much to our lives...


  1. Love this post. Love you and your family!

  2. looking forward to following your journey ....Please keep up updated.....

  3. I am thrilled to see so many people adopting from Reece's Rainbow. I miscarried my son 2 months ago and he was confirmed to have DS. It is in my heart to adopt and I have my heart set on little Mark but my husband is really reluctant to even consider it. He wonders about the reality of life raising a child with DS. I have ordered a book and am waiting for delivery, but I just hate the thought of Mark being there for one minute longer. Can you give me information that will help open my husband's heart?? I am praying constantly for this change but I think he needs to get his brain around it as well.
    I know you might not have time but if you do. . .. my email is
    Thanks and blessings on your journey to Charity!