Thursday, June 10, 2010

What a crazy week. Nothing like jumping back into the swing of things after being out of town for some R & R. Ragen had an awesome Endocrinology appointment yesterday. Finally a doctor that isn't so "black and white", but thinks outside the box. A lot of changes are going to be happening in the treatment for thyroid disorders. Changes that need to happen SOON! But they're on their way, slow but sure. Ragen's Endocrinologist practices medicine the new way (it's actually the old way of treating hypothyroidism before Synthroid/"Syncrap" was created and Abbott labs decided it wanted to rob people blind...but the people are speaking loud and clear and they don't want Synthroid/ doesn't work!). So Ragen's doctor will be treating her appropriately...thank God! She doesn't need anymore issues! Ragen will be having her ear surgery tomorrow at 10:30 am at Loyola Hospital. I just pray and hope that they can figure out what is wrong with all these infections she's been having. She's just getting over another one this week! It's ridiculous! I'll be thankful when it's all over with and we will have some answers.

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